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URST - 10

URS-10 (Glucose, Protein pH, Leukocytes, Nitrites, Ketones, Bilirubin, Blood, Urobilinogen, and Specific Gravity) are simple, easy to use reagent strips for the detection of key diagnostic chemical markers in human urine.

Test results may provide useful information regarding carbohydrate (sugar) metabolism (diabetes), kidney function, acid-base balance, bacteriuria, occult blood , high leukocytes (infection) and other conditions of overall health.

 Compatible with Bayer Urine Analyzer 

These test strips are use by many professionals in clinical diagnostic industry. It is cost effective and the quality built into it is to satisfy the quality minded professionals. That is why its usage is more favorable by laboratory professionals in the clinical diagnostics space; as a result, URS-10 is compared with some of the branded urinalysis test strips on the market today. While the color chart gives remarkable visual readings, a busy lab in clinics and hospitals can administer the testing using the following urine analyzers; W-600, W-200B and WX-100. to speed up the testing process. Additionally, URS-10 is an added value to labs that use urine analyzer machines such as Bayer Clinitek and Siemens to manage their daily testing activities. It is dependable, affordable, and efficient. 

Urine Strips
10 Parameter and Urine Analyzer

Water test strips

The product is widely used in tap water, juice, medical, chemical, aquaculture, swimming pool, soil, sewage treatment, etc. Although there are 39 parameters  that can be tested, a strip can hold up to 16 parameters.

Water Test Strips
Water Test Strips