Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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CMS600F is a portable, LCD screen B-ultrasound diagnostic system. Its embedded operation system greatly improves the product performance, achieving stronger data process ability and fast process speed. Pop-up menu and keyboard design bring more convenient to users. The device is suitable for ultrasonic examination on abdominal, obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, small organs, urology, etc.

Main Features

■High resolution LCD monitor.

■Clear, stable, and high resolution image.

■Two probe ports can be connected with different kinds of probes, which could fully satisfy clinical requirements.

■High speed USB2.0 port transfers real-time image to the PC. It has DICOM3.0 interface, which can send images to an image storage workstation of DICOM over a network connection.

■U-disk storage.

■Simple and convenient image management function, reports can be printed and exported.

■Realizing image real-time, freeze, memory, calling up and large capacity cine loop; possessing functions such as multi-level scanning depth, dynamic range, focus number, focus distance, focus position adjusting, etc.

■Automatically generate reports corresponding to examination type.

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