Urine Accurate Analyzer

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1.  Test Principle: super-high luminosity cold light source reflection

2.  Test parameters: VC, LEU, NIT, URO, PRO, PH, BLD, SG, KET, BIL, GLU

3.  Monochromatic wavelength of 558nm, 635nm, 720nm

4.  Test speed: Up to 120 tests/hour at Continuous Test Mode

5.  Memory Size: 1000 test results

8,  10, 11 compatible (optional)

6.  Absorb the excess urine automatically, prevent from cross-inflection of urine

7.  Thermal Printer Inside, with outer stylus Printer interface

8.  PC connected with RS232

9.  Data Communication Interface Baud Rate: 9600bps

10. Language: English and Chinese

11. Environment Condition: 0-40  Room Temperture RH< 85%

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