Air Compressor Nebulizer

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Small in particle size, easy to absorb.

Moderate in nebulization rate, which reduces medication waste.

Long in air tubing, convenient and flexible to use.

Low in medication residue, high in nebulization rate, less in medication waste.

Compact and lightweight design, convenient to carry.

Low in noise, which reduces interference to environments.

Built-in oil-free compressed vacuum pump, safe and durable to use.

Power: AC220V, 50/60Hz
Input Power : <150VA
Max Capacity of Medicine cup: 8ml
Nebulization Rate: >0.15mL/min
Mode of Operation: continuous >1 hours
Max Working Pressure : 280-450KPa
Operation Pressure Range: 50kPa~150kPa
Gas flow: >10L/min

Noise: ≤65 dB(A) ( at 1 meter distance )
Particle size: 5μm or less accounted for more than 60%

Operation Condition: 10 to 40

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