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Research indicates that health concerns can be determine by using medical thermometers. The Non – Contact Infrared Thermometer offer by Nelisco, Inc. is designed to detect bacteria and other viruses including COVID-19 in the human body. Its non-contact methodology allows temperature to be taken without the fear of contracting bacteria or virus such as COVID-19; while provides accurate readings of human temperature in about 2 seconds.

 The Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is suitable for any environment such as homes, medical facilities, businesses, and educational establishments. In these establishments, the device can provide advance detection of transmissible diseases such as COVID-19 which is transferred from human to human in a close proximity. The detection is easy and straight forward. It is particularly valuable for school age children, infants, and adult of all age. 


Measurement Range

Temperature mode:34.0~42.9

Measurement Time  

≤2 second

Measurement Distance


Auto Off

≤10 second


Measuring Precision



Memory data


Tricolor backlit                  

Temperature mode:34.037:green 

37.4~34.8(set value .1):yellow  38.1(set value)~42.9:red

Storage environment

-20~±55relative humidity:93%    atmospheric pressure:70kpa~106kpa

Work environment

16~35,relative humidity:85%, 

atmospheric pressure:70kpa~106kpa

Power Supply

DC3V(two AAA alkaline batteries)

Digital Thermometer
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