The intent of the information provided on this website is for general knowledge of the visitor. This information should not use as a substitute for any professional medical advice. This information should not be used to treat any form of illness or a specific medical condition. You are to consult your physician or a health care provider for any assistance, should you have any medical concerns. All products offered on this website are new and in great condition. However, some of these products have a shelf life that customers are to be aware of.
Shipping charges
International customers shipping charges may differ from country to country as determined by the courier. In addition, the preferred shipping method will also affect the shipping charges of the customer. These charges will also include handling as well. The customer will be responsible for the payment of any customs duties and other fees related to the shipment of product purchase from this website. These fees and the price of items purchase will reflect on a commercial invoice which will accompany  shipping documents. Additionally, if the customer decided to refuse the shipment after it has been shipped to its destination, the international customer will be responsible for the cost of return shipment, and 30% restocking fee on items that are not damaged. However, the customer will be required to pay full price of items that are damaged. Also, items that have private labels, and have sterilized would not be accepted.
Domestic Customers
shipping charges provided on this website are for estimate only; as such, these charges vary in the United States according to customers preference. Nelisco, Inc. is not responsible for the delay in order delivery due to currier un-foreseeing problem. It is vital that customers be informed about their delivery status through the courier they selected. Also, if the customer refused the order after it has been shipped, the customer will be responsible for the cost involved in returning the product. At the same time, the customer will be subject to 30% restocking fees. Customers have seven days after receiving an item to return an item to our office. Additionally, customers will be responsible for paying full price of any damaged product received at our premises. While we will accept a returned item based on prior approval by our office, orders that are shipped with private labels, and sterilized items cannot be returned. Likewise, we do not accept items that have been used by the customer.
Purchase Orders
to better serve our customers; we accept purchase orders from institutions such as schools, hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics within the United Stated. Likewise, we extend this method of purchasing to government institutions that we have contracted to purchase our products. Organizations looking to use purchase order format to purchase our products have to be pre-approved by our office. Please note that to use a purchase order, the total amount of product to be purchased has to be $500.00 or more and payment has to be made within 14 days or 30 days in the case of Government institutions. Otherwise, all customers are to use any of the different methods of payment stated on this website.