1 Parameter Urine Glucose Test Strip


The urine glucose test, an essential diagnostic instrument, quantifies the body’s glucose concentrations through a dual-enzyme reaction sequence involving glucose oxidase and peroxidase. Employed extensively in clinical environments, this test plays a pivotal role in the diagnosis and management of conditions like diabetes. Precise glucose measurement empowers healthcare practitioners to make well-informed decisions about patient care and therapeutic strategies.

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Our goal is to give people an easy and precise way to keep an eye on their blood sugar levels. Therefore, our unique glucose test strip offers superior accuracy and reliability by focusing solely on measuring glucose levels.

The key to the effectiveness of our test strip lies in its state-of-the-art double-sequence enzyme reaction process. Hence, by using two enzymatic reactions in sequence, our test strip provides precise and accurate glucose measurements in urine by eliminating interference.

Our test strips are designed to be user-friendly across all ages and levels of technological proficiency. Simply dip them into urine for rapid glucose readings. Moreover, our test strips are cost-effective while upholding high quality, recognizing the importance of managing chronic conditions effectively.

The urine glucose test strip is a cost-effective solution for monitoring glucose levels in urine, perfect for diabetics and at-risk individuals. Take control of your health today with our reliable urine glucose test strip.

The glucose oxidase enzyme is essential to our cutting-edge technology. Therefore, it is essential for the conversion of glucose to gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide. This ensures accurate test results by identifying even trace amounts of glucose in urine.

Every strip undergoes meticulous calibration to ensure consistent and dependable results. This guarantees that our test strips yield dependable results, offering you peace of mind and certainty in managing your health.

Our test strips are made to be extremely easy to use.; additionally, they have interfaces that are easy to use and clear instructions. Efficient glucose level measurement for healthcare professionals and self-monitoring individuals at home.

Efficient Color Change for Reliable Results

Glucose oxidase, the initial enzyme on our test strip, selectively interacts with glucose molecules. As it reacts with glucose, it produces gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide as byproducts. Consequently, the production of hydrogen peroxide is directly proportional to the concentration of glucose, enabling precise measurements of glucose levels.

Peroxidase, as the second enzyme, plays a crucial role in furthering our research. This enzyme catalyzes the interaction between hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide chromogen in a matter of seconds. Therefore, depending on the amount of glucose detected, the color shift can range from blue-green to dark brown. Our test strips provide you with consistent, dependable results every time, thanks to this easy and effective procedure.


Hence, a vital component of every medical kit, this 1-parameter urine glucose test strip is ideal for diabetics and anyone wishing to keep an eye on their general health.

Therefore,  place your order right away to enjoy the security and convenience of at-home monitoring! Our test strips are easy to use and conveniently packaged, making them perfect for everyday monitoring.

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1 Parameter Urine Glucose Test Strip
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